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David E. Barron

David E. Barron

Investment Representative

Investment Representative, David E. Barron, assists clients and manages their increasingly complicated financial life, preparing them to cope with changes that occur during retirement. Some retired people, he recognizes, outlive their wealth especially when health issues intervene, if the pieces of their financial life, investments, taxes, insurance, and mortgages, are managed separately. Thus, he advocates an integrated approach and professional monitoring of finances. For our clients, David conducts a financial check up, looks at all the pieces, measures risk tolerance, identifies goals and objectives, analyzes portfolio investments, formulates a personalized suitable investment strategy with diversification and proper asset allocation, for our client's benefit. Once adopted, he implements changes to improve portfolio performance and increases the likelihood that goals and objectives will be met.

David participates in the Firm's portfolio monitoring program. For clients electing this level of service, he informs them of factors that impact upon their investments, and with client participation, conducts periodic portfolio rebalancing. His tenacity in guarding client's accumulated wealth and his understanding of investments have made him a valuable partner for clients striving to preserve their accumulated wealth and maintain the quality of their lives. His investment experience is very broad including value equities, growth equities, small cap stocks, convertibles, taxable & tax preferred fixed income.

He holds Bachelor and Master's Degrees from the University of Toronto. Prior to joining the Firm, he was an official of a Canadian trade association, representing the association's interests in North America, Europe, and elsewhere worldwide.

Diversification and asset allocation do not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risks of investment losses.