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Paul F. Nolan

Paul F. Nolan

Financial Advisor

Helping clients with financial issues of every description, fills every day of the working life of the firm's Principal; Paul F. Nolan. He really enjoys the people and finds doing a good job very satisfying.

Paul, has earned a Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, a Master's Degree in Public Administration and university certificates in Financial Planning and Family Mediation. He holds multiple professional licenses: Certified Public Accountant, Certified Mediator, Insurance Agent, Stock Broker, and Registered Investment Advisor, as well as several Board designations: Certified Senior Advisor, Personal Financial Specialist, and Certified Fraud Examiner. Recognized as an "Expert Witness" in financial matters, Paul has provided testimony before two United States Senate Committees, Courts in six Federal Districts, and Courts in four States. He is a retired FBI Special Agent, and a former American Diplomat (a Legal Attache of the United States Department of Justice). Married for 49 years, he is the father of two sons, and grandfather of six children.